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Our Training Programmes

Crop Science

Crop Science deals with increasing the effectiveness of crops through application of chemical, biological and physical principles. For this purpose, KVK Chanpura provides:

  • Information about plants, especially food and cash crops for increasing agricultural productivity and improving crops.
  • Ways to manage pests effectively.
  • Information about the environment and its effect on plants and crops.
  • Methods to enhance grain and seed nutrition to improve the amount and quality of food.

Soil Science

Soil Science is concerned with scientific study of soils to improve soil quality to increase food production. Our training program includes:

  • Information on soil formation
  • Soil nature and properties
  • Soil classification and its uses
  • Soil nutrients

Agricultural Engineering

Agricultural Engineering involves the designing and construction of farming machinery and equipments. We provide following services with this regard:

  • Demonstration by agricultural engineers to integrate technology with farming.
  • Designing improved and new farming equipments for more efficiency on fields.
  • Planning and location identification for farm structures and processing of farm produce.
  • Farm drainage, water supply and irrigation techniques.


Fishery is the science of raising fish commercially in tanks or enclosures, usually for food. Our representatives provide guidance on:

  • Locating cultivation areas
  • Monitoring fish growth
  • Equipment maintenance and food for fishes
  • Ways to attain optimum yield


Horticulture is the science, technology, and business of cultivating and promoting growth of plants. We help the farmers through:

  • Conducting research and experimentations of plants for better results.
  • Advising farmers to improve farm outputs.
  • Educating farmers on the techniques required on the fields.
  • Providing support for processing and shipping of farm produce.

Plant Protection

Crop protection involves managing and controlling  plant diseases, weeds and pests that destroys crops. We educate farmers on:

  • Pesticides and pest control
  • Biotechnology techniques for genetic modifications and breeding
  • Setting up ways to divert animals.
  • Building barriers and physical measures to safeguard plants.