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Facilities of KVK Chanpura

  • Organizing training programmes on Crop Science, Horticultural, Agricultural Engineering, Fishery Soil Science, Plant protection, provide subject matter specialist and other facilities like Home science and Animal science by out sources.
  • Providing advisory and consultancy facilities for farmers and rural youth.
  • Providing soil, plant and water testing laboratory facilitates.
  • Production of quality seeds, planting materials and bio-control agents.
  • Availability of agricultural tools and implements.
  • Availability of improved varieties of seeds from different crops like red gram, paddy, wheat, lentil, mustard, rap seed in season, besides this millet crop etc. Burn yard millet fingers millet & grain amranth seeds also available here.
  • Availability of horticultural crops.
  • Training room and conference hall.
  • Audio & Video projector
  • Farmers hostel facilities.
  • Publishes kisan International quarterly.
  • Leaflets on agricultural and allied agricultural subject.