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About KVK

Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) Chanpura  is an association for farmers in Madhubani, Bihar to mentor them about the latest agricultural technological development and provide them with farm support. We offer the most updated technical farm knowledge for bridging the gap between the production and productivity.


We aim for Technology Assessment, Refinement and Demonstration of various products and technology. To achieve the mandate efficiently, the following activities are organized by KVK:

  • Provision of on-farm testing for location specific agricultural technologies under different farming systems.
  • Practical demonstrations to increase the production potential of farmers.
  • Training of farmers and related personnel to improve their knowledge and skills in modern agricultural technologies.
  • Mentor as a learning resource centre to improve the agricultural economy of the district and support initiatives of public, private and voluntary sector.
  • Provide existing technological products to the farmers like: planting material, bio agents, seeds, young ones of livestock etc.
  • Organize extension activities to generate awareness about enhanced agricultural technologies for fast circulation and acceptance of technologies in similar field.


The objectives of Krishi Vigyan Kendra are following:

  • To recognize the technological gap and training needs of farmers by discovering and characterizing agricultural resources.
  • To collect the applicable data to include in their training courses.
  • To plan and organize production based training program to the farming community.
  • To develop unemployed rural youth with vocational training.
  • To arrange farm science clubs in the rural schools and villages.
  • To provide information about various facilities and activities performed by KVKs and to provide other important information such as weather and market information.