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International Conference on Ambit of Entrepreneurship Development in Agriculture – 2017 to be held on Decemebr 10 & 11, 2017 at KRISHI VIGYAN KENDRA, Chanpura, Madhubani, Bihar, aims to provide an international forum for researchers, developers and solutions to exchange their valuable ideas and showcase the ongoing works which may lead to path of Entrepreneurship Development in India through Agriculture.

Agriculture has seen a new phase since the entry of entrepreneurs because the entrepreneurs help to give farmers better yields for their product by using the agricultural products for manufacturing industries like cotton thread through cotton cultivation, coffee powder through coffee seeds, fruits juices through fruits, jute bags through jute cultivation. Entrepreneurs try to link the grain farmers to manufacturing industries so that they may get a better price for their produce.

Entrepreneurial development programme is defined as a program designed to help an individual in strengthening his entrepreneurial motive and in acquiring skills and capabilities necessary for playing his entrepreneurial role effectively. This situation can be changed by generating employment opportunities for them in rural areas itself. Agro entrepreneurship can be used as paramount medicine for the solution of this complexity. Developing entrepreneurs in agriculture will solve the entire problem.
(a) Trim down the burden of agriculture
(b) Create employment opportunities for rural youth
(c) Control migration from rural to urban areas
(d) Increase national income
(e) Sustain industrial development in rural areas
(f) Cut down the pressure on urban cities etc.

The following session &themes have been provisionally identified for the International conference 2017 but not limited to: What is the scope of Agricultural related business, Entrepreneurs Experiences in Agriculture, Policy Initiatives for Doubling Farmers Income, Creating Entrepreneurs Opportunities for Youth, Insuring higher price of Farm Produce and Products, E-portals and online Auction (E-NAM), Reducing Drudgery through Mechanization, Adding value to produce, Cold chain and retail management of Agriculture commodities, Development of organic farming as Entreprenship, Grading and Packaging in Agriculture – Horti crops for better Marketing, Want to be a Dairy Entrepreneur, Value addition Chain in Agri-Horti crops as an Entrepreneurial option for creating employment opportunities, Reducing Post harvest losses, Managing climate risk, Technology-led organic Agriculture, Production of safe foods, Protected cultivation, Hydroponics, Aeroponics, and vertical farming. Seed production of crops, contact farming.

The conference is open to all interested in Agricultural Entrepreneurship and related sectors, namely representatives from both public and private sectors, central and state government ministries, scientists and students from agricultural institutes and universities, farmers, representatives from international agencies and countries, farmers’ associations, agri-input associations (like Seeds, Fertilizers, Plant Protection chemicals, Grower‘s association, etc.), NGOs, etc. The deliberation of the conference shall be in English.

Paper Presentation: The Conference will cover Lead, Oral and Poster Presentations.

Lead Papers: Lead paper on specific topics related to each session will be invited from eminent scientists by the Programme Committee on the basis of suggestions received. The extended abstracts (about 2 pages double spaced) of these papers are required to be submitted within a fortnight of request which the full-length papers will be required to be submitted latest by 30 November, 2017 for publication of proceedings and its release during the inaugural session.

Oral Presentations: Delegates -India and abroad shall be considered for oral presentation on subjects related to topics indicated in the circular, keeping in view their experience.

Poster Papers: The researchers/students are invited to submit abstract (maximum two as first registered author) relating to broad theme areas of the Congress, which would be peer reviewed and presented as poster papers in the four day event. Abstract(s) of only registered authors will be published.

The abstract should be prepared in MS word not exceeding 250 words. It should contain a clear title, name and affiliation of the authors. The name of the presenting author should be underlined and E-mail & Mobile No. should be given at the end. There should not be any sub-headings, figures, tables or reference in the abstract. The abstract may be submitted through email and/or by post along with a soft copy. The detailed specifications for preparing the poster paper, would be mailed to those authors whose abstract are accepted for presentation.

The poster presentation will be considered under different theme areas as per the following schedule :

Important Dates

Last date for receiving Abstract(s) : November 30, 2017
Last date for sending Acceptance letter : December 5, 2017
Last date for sending Registration fee : December 5, 2017
Registration Date on the spot : December 10, 2017